Dayna Mulqueen –  is the owner and founder of Rockstar Athletics. She began coaching gymnastics at age 15 and has been coaching All Star Cheerleading for the past 15 years. Dayna was a competitive gymnast from ages 4-14, and completed two seasons as a level 9. She cheered all 4 years on Varsity for Greendale High School, and then cheered at University of Wisconsin Madison. Dayna is USASF credentialed in levels 1-5 for tumbling, stunting, and tosses. Dayna also does choreography and stunt clinics for local high school teams. She has graduated from University of Wisconsin Madison with a degree in psychology and Spanish, and went on to earn her Masters degree from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She currently works part-time as a psychotherapist. Her favorite aspect of coaching is watching her athletes gain self-confidence, develop a strong work ethic,  and become positive, well rounded individuals. 

Alli Marefka – Information coming soon!

Kara Brill – has been coaching All Star Cheer for 11 years.  Growing up she was involved in many sports and was a well rounded athlete.  She did gymnastics for many years and competed as a level 8 gymnast.  She also played tennis for UW-Whitewater all 4 years of college.  She is USASF credentialed through Level 5 in tumbling and stunting.  Competing and getting a team prepared for competitions are her favorite aspect of coaching due to being a competitive person herself, and always striving to be best she can be.  She loves the excitement and feeling of seeing the team she coaches – take the mat at competitions and perform.  She also loves the ability to see athletes gain new skills, and to know as a coach-  you helped and had something to do with this.  She  loves to see the excitement on their face when an athlete achieves something new! Kara outside of being a cheer coach is a psychotherapist/LCSW.  She got her masters degree in social work at UW- Milwaukee and works at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital.

Samantha Ackerman – has been coaching All star Cheerleading for the last 9 years and she is credentialed through the USASF in Levels 1-5 in stunting, tosses and tumbling. Prior to coaching Sam was a cheerleader herself for 6 years, she did both All Star as well as High school cheerleading. Favorite aspect of coaching: Sam’s  favorite aspect of coaching is helping prepare the girls for competitions and helping build their confidence for their routine as a whole and each athlete’s  individual skills. She thinks it is great to see the excitement on their faces when they hit a routine or hit an individual skill that is new or they have been struggling with. You are able to see  their eyes light up and you can just see the confidence build within themselves and within their team. Sam enjoys hearing the bell ring and everyone in the gym stopping what they are doing to see the new skill someone got, it encourages the girls to be supportive of one another and as a coaches It’s nice to see what everyone in the gym is doing not just the team and girls she coaches. Professional Employment: During the day Sam works full time as a  Nutritionist and Certified Lactation Specialist.

Jessica Lisiecki – Information coming soon!